The right oil goes a long way for your engine

Oils you won't likely find at your local parts store.

We use synthetic oils specifically called for by VW and BMW in their proprietary testing.


BMW Long Life 01 oil - Should be used on all non diesel motors. 5w40 weight especially hard to find unless you're buying the oil directly from the dealer. We use Total Quartz 9000 for our BMWs.


VW 505.01 oil - Knowing how PD-TDI camshafts wear prematurely with the wrong oil, ONLY use 505.01 approved oils in these motors for extended life. The preferred weight is 5w40. We use Pentosin Pento-High for these engines (2004-2006 TDI).


VW 505.00 oil - For our TDI ALH engines (1999-2003), we use Fuchs Titan Super Syn

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