Carbon Build Up Intake Manifold / EGR Cleaning Service

It's recommended that Intake manifolds and EGRs are cleaned at least every 100k, especially in Volkswagen direct-injection diesels, where the fuel goes directly into the combustion chamber, and not into the intake manifold runner, and thus cannot wash off the carbon deposits off the walls.


We've seen literally tiny air channels in Manifolds and EGRs. The carbon build up decreases the size of the air pathways leading to the combustion chamber.



- Carbon build up reduces airflow. 

- Carbon build up can dislodge and get into the combustion chamber and cause serious engine damage.



- Increased power. 

- Increased longevity for your engine.

- Great improvement to fuel efficiency


We use an industrial washer that softens and breakdowns deposits as well as being enviromentally safe so there's no need to stain your driveway or household sink.


Bring us your clogged intake parts and we'll clean them up for you.

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