Left Lane Cars: Services

Full service for your German Car

  • Routine Maintenance from fluid changes to inspection
  • Complete Brake service
  • Suspension maintenance and performance upgrades
  • TDI-specific services
  • Timing belt and chain replacements
  • Clutch replacements 
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Volkswagen-Specific services (40/60/80K service, etc)
  • We work on EUROVANS! 
  • We always use OEM parts and have all the special tools to correctly change timing belts, and other TDI-specific service.

Sample pricing for popular TDI services:

  • 2009+ TDI Timing belt service: $850 for parts and labor, including a metal impeller water pump.
  • 2004-2006 PD TDI timing belt service $850-$950 depending on exact car. Includes a metal impeller water pump.
  • 1996-2003 ALH/AHU/1Z TDI timing belt service: $900 for parts and labor, including a metal impeller water pump and accessory belt.
  • DSG transmission service - every 40K miles - $250 parts and labor. 
  • 40K Service - $285 without DSG. 
  • Single mass flywheel conversions for MK4 and early MK5 TDI cars - $1150 parts and labor*
  • ALH/BEW intake manifold cleaning $500 with new seals (and vacuum hoses on the ALH)
  • 2004-2006 PD TDI Camshaft Replacement $1000-1200 depending on car, etc.


All posted prices are for reference only and may vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on many factors, so make sure to ask for an estimate in person! Prices do not include 7% NJ Sales Tax.

*Clutch kit does not include the rear main seal, shift fork or release bearing guide. If necessary, these will items will be an additional cost.